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Sycamore Scholars is a digital archive of scholarly works created by students, staff, and faculty at Indiana State University. Sycamore Scholars began as a means to enable ISU graduate students to submit their theses and dissertations electronically, but the repository can include journal articles, conference papers, technical reports, working papers, data sets, tutorials, music, photographs, and other digital items.

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  • May, Cinda; Krueger, Jason; Siddell, Kayla; Sutrina-Haney, Katie (2017-10-16)
    The Special Collections Department at Cunningham Memorial Library holds Indiana State University's unique physical and digital collections. Special Collections consists of four units: Rare Books & Manuscripts, University ...
  • Noblitt, Shana; Armstrong, Luke; Blanchard, Robyn; Hoesman, Koty; Kramer, James; Williams, DeAndre; Alami, Adam (2017-12-01)
  • Noblitt, Shana; Williams, DeAndre; Kramer, James; Blanchard, Robyn; Armstrong, Luke; Alami, Adam; Hoesman, Koty (2017-12-06)
  • Chicago 7 
    Patterson, Morgan (2017-05-15)
    During the late 1960s, Americans were experiencing many struggles not only within our borders, but outside of them as well. Whether or not that be with citizens themselves and making their individuality more apparent, or ...
  • Kariuki, Lawren (2017-11-29)
    This project consist of calculations from two fast food restaurants.

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