University Faculty Senate

Administrative Affairs Committee
2007- 2008 Minutes

Administrative Affairs Committee
March 21, 2008

AAC #9
March 21,, 2008, Minutes

Indiana State University
Faculty Senate 2007-08

Time:   3:00

Place:   College of Technology, E101

 Present: B. Evans, T. Harris, R. Ivaturi, M. Lewandowski, R. Lotspeich, G. Minty, K. Wilkinson

 Ex Officio:  D. McKee, E. Kinley

Guests:  S. Gick, D. Nepote, B. Herndon, E. Acree, D. Timmons, T Sawyer

 I.  Motion to amend the agenda to begin with Old Business (Evans, Wilkinson) (6-0-0)

 II. Old Business

 A.  “Down” Week During Registration

      S. Gick and D. DePote explained the reasons for the  “dead” week during registration, which is the time during which students may not register for classes.  The time is needed to ensure fee calculations are correctly assessed and billed.  The time is a quality measure.  Fees are assessed for a number of different services including transportation, recreation center, room & board, tuition, scholarships, financial aid, and laboratory fees as well as credits applied for RA’s.  The “down” week is used to determine that all fees and credits are assessed and printed correctly.  There were over 8000 bills printed in the fall and each one was checked for accuracy.  Some fees are dependent upon the number of hours registered at the cut-off time and class standing.  Although this quality assurance could be carried out while allowing registration to remain open, the practice of providing students with the financial implications of subsequent changes they make to their registrations requires the quality control to be completed before re-opening registration.

            Questions focused on the effect of decreasing the number of days of downtime and the benefits of such a change on student registration.  The response focused on the need for help to be available for students while registering for class and the need for quality assurance for billing sent to students and parents.

B.  Department Web Page Design and Maintenance

      B. Herndon and E. Kinley discussed the recent issues during the changeover from the Red Dot environment to the Share Point environment.  B. Herndon indicated that with the decentralized system, each department/College has their own system and web editor to manage the sites.  The web page service problems encountered this year are the result of resource deficiencies as well as the unanticipated time problems encountered during the environment change.  Some help is available through monthly web editor meetings and Herndon indicated that they are currently working on a newsletter.

Discussion focused on the number of people needed to be effective, how that might change over time, and the need to build a stable and solid foundation on Share Point.  G. Minty indicated that the committee would continue its discussion and possibly forward a recommendation to the Executive Committee.

 III.  Motion to amend agenda to address New Business (Lotspeich, Wilkinson) (6-0-0)

A.  New College of Nursing, Health, and Human Services

      T. Sawyer, E. Acree and D. Timmons reported on the structure of the new college and how it differed from the structure of the previous colleges.  The Learning Resources Center and the Student Affairs Office would service both schools in the new college.  Some disappointment was expressed that the desired structure, which included three schools and three associate deans was rejected by the Provost.  The question was asked, “What was different?” and the response was one Dean.

IV.  Organization Chart

      G. Minty distributed the updated organization chart dated March 2008, which replaces the old chart dated July 2001.  He also provided an unofficial chart dated September 2007.

 V.  Motion to approve the minutes of February 8, 2008 (Lotspeich, Evans) (6-0-0)

       Motion to approve the minutes of February 29, 2008 as amended (Evans, Lotspeich) (5-0-1)

 VI.  Faculty/Administration Count

      R. Lotspeich incorporated recommended changes.  D. McKee expressed her appreciation for the incorporation of information about the changes in format that better identify and explain the large variations in numbers from the old system to the current record-keeping system.

Motion to forward the Faculty/Administration Count to the Executive Committee (Lotspeich, Wilkinson) (6-0-0).

 VII.  Charge #4:  Reporting of University Committees to the faculty will be discussed after G. Minty seeks additional information for the committee’s consideration.

 VIII.  Motion to adjourn (Wilkinson, Evans) 4:50

 Submitted by:

Blanche Evans

Secretary of the day


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