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Administrative Affairs Committee
2007- 2008 Minutes

Administrative Affairs Committee
February 8, 2008

AAC #7
January 18, 2008, Minutes

Indiana State University
Faculty Senate 2007-08

Time:  3:00 pm

Place:  College of Technology, TC 101E

 Present: S. Frey T. Harris, R. Ivaturi, M. Lewandowski, R. Lotspeich, G. Minty, K. Wilkinson.

Absent: B. Evans, S. Davis.

I.  Open time:  R. Lotspeich introduced four concerns and M. Lewandowski introduced one:

1) Registrar: R. Lotspeich noted that after early registration, there’s a one-week blackout period in which registration closes. The concern is that this practice might not be student friendly. G. Minty had asked Bob English about this. B. English will call Sharon Glick for further information.   

2) FROPA:  R. Lotspeich noted that the process of filling out the online forms is frustrating and confusing. K. Wilkinson and S. Frey voiced concerns that the software generates inaccurate vitae and annual reports. Discussion ensued: If this system will be used for accreditation, promotion, and merit then these problems should be addressed. G. Minty will ask Kevin Snyder to visit AAC to discuss this issue.   

3) Summer: R. Lotspeich noted that if class enrollment for summer classes does not meet the minimum of 15, the class is cancelled. Why is this so? Is this a student-friendly policy? M. Lewandowski said that there is inconsistency in what minimum class enrollment is between the departments. G. Minty said he thought it was the deans’ decision to cancel summer classes based on enrollment and that the deans have latitudes in making their determinations. G. Minty will talk with the provost’s office for more information on this issue. 

4) Websites:  R. Lotspeich asked why there is not more campus support for maintaining departmental websites. He noted that departmental personnel do not have the skills necessary and faculty are constrained in performing their work. They should not have this responsibility as it takes them away from core tasks of teaching and scholarship. R. Ivaturi said that faculty do maintain the website in his department. The possibility of having TA’s from computer science perform this task was discussed. G. Minty will contact Ed Kinley concerning this issue.

5) Grant: M. Lewandowski voiced concern over how he was paid for an internal grant he was awarded last summer. The stipend was distributed on the regular pay date and this put him in a higher tax bracket. He asked why he could not have been paid the stipend separately. Discussion ensured over the handling of taxes and stipends.

  II. Minutes approved: R. Ivaturi moved to accept the minutes. T. Harris seconded. The minutes of the January 18, 2008 meeting were approved.

 III.  Progress report of faculty/administration count: 

 G. Minty provided background: AAC has been looking at the decline in faculty numbers and the increase in administrative positions. These numbers have been generated in two different ways. Under Greg  Floyd’s direction a new method was established.  R. Lotspeich explained that the old method only looked at the operating and auxiliary budgets and that the new method (which begins with 2006 data) includes everything. Comparing data collected under the two accounting practices raises problems of consistency.

 R. Lotspeich aggregated the data collected under both methods into a table comparing ISU faculty and AEP positions from 1995 to 2007.  Data using the old method runs from 1995 to 2005; the new method runs from 2006 to 2007. Referring to the table, he noted that what looks like an increase in administrative positions from 2005 to 2006 could be the result of how the data are collected under the new method. He also noted that many people categorized as professionals are in fact working in direct support of teaching and should not be grouped with executive and administrative personnel, as was the practice with past comparisons. Because of this he suggested that the committee also separately compare the EXEC/ADMIN category to the faculty category. R. Ivaturi asked if the committee could see a breakdown in the Academic Affairs budget and R. Lotspeich said that he would look into this. M. Lewandowski asked if the tables include student associates and R. Lotspeich said he believes that they are not included here, as they are categorized as students. Discussion ensued on what the committee should do with this information. G. Minty announced that AAC has collected and compiled this data annually and made it available to the faculty through the Faculty Senate. K. Wilkinson said that this data should be provided to the current ISU presidential candidates. The search committee might want to ask the candidates for input on the issue of EAP and. faculty position counts. R. Lotspeich announced that he intends to provide more aggregates for the committee.

 IV.  Old Business:

  1. Committee on budgetary recommendations: R. Lotspeich has contacted SCUBA (special committee on university budgetary affairs)members. Members are: College of Arts and Sciences: Rick Lotspeich, College of Education: Kevin Bolinger, College of Business: Tarek Zaher, Cunningham Library: Marsha Miller, College of Technology: Greg Schwab. He plans to hold the first meeting in the next few weeks. T. Harris asked what the term of service will be, suggesting that next fall might be beneficial. G. Minty suggested  SCUBA members attend the upcoming March budgetary meetings. R. Lotspeich advised that the committee be established as a  standing committee, as is the practice in other universities. G. Minty suggested that this be a good issue for SCUBA to discuss. R. Lotspeich asked AAC for a formal charge.

The charge reads:

Attend the upcoming March budgetary meetings, react to the meetings by expressing any concerns or questions they may have, and provide suggestions for future work that the committee can undertake. K. Wilkinson moved to approve. T. Harris seconded. Charge approved.

  1. Other:

G. Minty explained that he invited Kevin Runion to meet with AAC to discuss the status of the Master Plan. Kevin said although he would be willing to meet he did not, yet, have much detailed information to share. After discussion it was decided that G. Minty will contact the provost’s office to see if someone can talk to the AAC about their contribution to the master plan.

 T. Harris moved to adjourn. K. Wilkinson seconded. The meeting adjourned at 4:55 pm.

 Respectfully submitted,

S. Frey, Secretary of the Day

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