University Faculty Senate

Administrative Affairs Committee
2007- 2008 Minutes

Administrative Affairs Committee
January 18, 2008

AAC #6
January 18, 2008, Minutes

Indiana State University
Faculty Senate 2007-08

Time:  3:00 pm

Place:  College of Technology, TC 107

Present:       B. Evans, T. Harris, R. Ivaturi, M. Lewandowski, R. Lotspeich, G. Minty, K. Wilkinson

Absent:        S. Davis, S. Frey, S. Pontius (Executive Committee Liaison)
Ex-officio:  E. Kinley (Academic Affairs) and D. McKee (Office of the President)

 I.  Open time:  G. Minty noted that the Senate Executive Committee expressed strong interest in altering Exam Week to eliminate Wednesday as day for examinations.

 II. Minutes approved: For the meeting of December 14, 2007.  (4-0-2)

 III.  Faculty and administrator count:  G. Minty provided background for the effort to gather and analyze data on the number of faculty members in relation to other types of employees at ISU (primary concern is with EAP employees).  As presenting the requisite data had been difficult in the past, the method of acquiring and presenting figures on the numbers of employees and related salary expenditures was changed as of 2006-07 AY.  We now have a second year of data (AY 2007-08) to compare.  Minty and D. McKee noted that owing to the change in methodology, comparisons with data prior to 2006-07 could be misleading.

 A large detailed report was received by G. Minty, and he distributed to the AAC a summary aggregate table indicating filled positions.  He suggested forming a subcommittee to examine the count in more detail.  R. Lotspeich moved to establish this subcommittee, seconded by M. Lewandowski.  The subcommittee was approved by vote (6 – 0 – 0) and the following individuals volunteered to participate:  M. Lewandoski, R. Lotspeich, and G. Minty. 

 IV.  Committee on budgetary matters

            The group turned its attention again to the question of a faculty committee for budgetary matters.  Although the AAC voted in December to establish such a committee in compliance with charge No. 6 from the Senate Executive Committee, a full set of members has not yet been determined. 

 G. Minty provided some historical context for this effort, which was followed by considerable animated discussion about the need and role of this committee. 

T. Harris argued that faculty voice in budgetary matters is already established by PPARC and a new committee would make unnecessary replication.  Others noted that the effectiveness of PPARC in this regard had been diminished under the Benjamin administration, partly because full information on budgetary matters were not shared with PPARC.  Harris noted that a new faculty committee would face the same kind of difficulty with access to information.  R. Lotspeich pointed out that the new faculty committee would not be subject to the same kind of influence as PPARC because it answers to a different constituency. 

 D. McKee repeated her view expressed in the November meeting, that said her office provides information in a transparent manner to the Provost and Deans and that faculty should approach the Deans to become more informed and involved in budgetary matters.  She is quite willing to work with a new committee but needs to have direction on the goals of the committee and for members to understand that the human resources of her office are quite limited. 

 Ed Kinley described some of the details of the budget formation process, with emphasis on the interactions of university administrators. 

 R. Lotspeich pointed out that the AAC had already voted to establish the subcommittee, and that the matter now was to specify exactly who would be the unit representatives on it.  G. Minty forwarded the name of Greg Schwab for the College of Technology, and K. Wilkinson said Tarek Zaher will represent the College of Business.  B. Evans said she had not yet determined a name, but would provide one in future.  R. Lotspeich had already agreed to represent the College of Arts and Sciences, and said he would contact S. Davis and S. Frey to find faculty members to represent the College of Education and the Library. 

G. Minty recommended that a charge for the subcommittee be formulated to provide more specific responsibilities and direction for it.  This matter will be revisited at the next meeting of the AAC. 

 V.  Master plan:  G. Minty brought attention to charge No. 8, which directs the AAC to provide oversight of the development of a new master plan for University facilities.  Toward this end Kevin Runion will be invited to the next meeting to discuss the new master plan.  Kevin Snyder may also attend. 

 VI.  Schedule of meetings:  A schedule for spring meetings of the AAC was established as follows:  (all meetings are on Fridays at 3 pm)  8 February,  29 February,  21 March,  and  4 April. 

 VII.  The meeting adjourned at 4:40 pm.

 Respectfully submitted,

R. Lotspeich, Secretary of the Day

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