University Faculty Senate

Administrative Affairs Committee
2007- 2008 Minutes

Administrative Affairs Committee
October 19, 2007

AAC #3
October 19, 2007, Minutes

Indiana State University
Faculty Senate 2007-08

Time: 10:00
Place: College of Technology, E101

Present: S. Davis, B. Evans, T. Harris, M. Lewandowski, R. Lotspeich, G. Minty
Absent: S. Frey, R. Ivaturi, K. Wilkinson, and D. McKee (ex officio)
Ex-officio: S. Pontius (Exec. Comm. Liaison), E. Kinley (Academic Affairs)
Guests: V. Sheets, John Beacon, VP for. Enrollment Management, Communications and Marketing

  1. Open Discussion

    S. Davis reported that during the open discussion of the Faculty Senate meeting on Oct. 18th he asked the Provost about the status of possible administrative searches, specifically the Dean of the Graduate School and the Director of Diversity and Affirmative Action, currently held by interim appointees. The Provost indicated that a national search would be undertaken for the Dean of the Graduate School but that he did not know the status of a possible search for the Diversity and Affirmative Action Director. Following a reminder about Executive Committee discussions from last year, S. Davis expressed AAC’s interest in the opportunity to advise on these searches as mandated by their Handbook charges.

    Guest J. Beacon spoke to AAC about Acalog, an online academic catalog product, and his past experience at the University of Maine and Western Michigan University with the company that produces Acalog. Beacon provided the committee with information regarding the recent purchase of Acalog and offered information about miscommunications regarding AAC input into that decision. Several questions were asked by committee members. The committee expressed its appreciation to Beacon for coming to the meeting to shed light on the purchase. Beacon indicated that he hopes Acalog will be up and running by the spring semester.

  3. Minutes approved from September 21, 2007, meeting (5-0-1)
  5. Establishing a committee on budget recommendations
  6. Given the absence of D. McKee this item was table for discussion at a future meeting. (6-0-0)

  7. Future academic calendars

    In response to one of its charges, the committee discussed possible modifications to future academic calendars. M. Lewandowski raised the issue of moving the current May intersession to January noting that this is done at some other institutions. The committee agreed that this would be worthy of further discussion and consideration, but that additional information from other stakeholders would need to be gathered beforehand. It was decided that someone should be invited from Student Housing and Academic Affairs to join in future discussions. M. E. Linn and B. English were suggested as two individuals who would be able to speak to Housing and Administrative issues, respectively. Further, R. Lotspeich and M. Lewandowski agreed to investigate the experiences of several ISU peer institutions that already have a January intersession and report back to the committee.

  9. New business
    There was no new business.
  11. The meeting adjourned at 11:20 a.m.
  12. Respectfully submitted,
    S. Davis, Secretary of the Day

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