University Faculty Senate

Administrative Affairs Committee
2007- 2008 Minutes

Administrative Affairs Committee
August 31, 2007

August 31, 2007, Minutes

Indiana State University
Faculty Senate 2007-08

Time 9:15
Place: College of Technology, E101
Present: B. Evans, S. Frey, T. Harris, M. Lewandowski, R. Lotspeich, G. Minty, K. Wilkinson
Absent: Scott Davis, Rao Ivaturi

  1. Election of Officers
     Gordon Minty, Chair (by acclamation)
     Kelly Wilkinson, Vice-Chair (by acclamation)
    The committee voted (7-0) to have a rotating secretary.
  2. Presidential Search Committee
    Discussion focused on procedures identified in the Handbook and other procedures needed to complete our Presidential Search Charge.
  3. Motion to move into Executive session (Evans, Frey)
  5. Motion to come out of Executive session (Wilkinson, Harris)
  6. Motion (Wilkinson, Lotspeich) to accept and forward the slate of five candidates for the Presidential Search Committee to the Executive Committee (7-0)
    Arthur Halpern, Professor, Chemistry, CAS
    Betsy Frank, Professor, Nursing, CNHHS
    Mary Howard-Hamilton, Professor, ELAF, COE
    David Malooley, Associate Professor, ECMET, COT
    Tony Rathburn, Associate Professor, Geography, Geology, Anthropology, CAS
  8. Schedule for Future Meetings
    Future meetings will be held at 10:00 on Friday mornings with the dates to be determined.
  9. Meeting adjourned at 12:05

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