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  • Coram, Gregory J (2012-04-23)
    This study compared the contents of Early Recollections(ERs)obtained from Ss in a hypnotic state with the ERs obtained from the same Ss ina normal waking state.This comparison was done in an attempt to dsicover differences ...
  • Pfeifer, Jacqueline R (2012-05-16)
    The present study was designed to investigate the manifest content of early recollections of resilient and non-resilient individuals.The purpose of the study was to determine if adults who have undergone extreme childhood ...
  • Sarapata, Michael Andrew (2012-04-23)
    Prospective memory, memory for future events, is used for remembering duties and obligations that all people must complete. Past research has contributed to our understanding of the bases of prospective memory tasks (time ...

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