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  • Noblitt, Shana; Williams, DeAndre; Kramer, James; Blanchard, Robyn; Armstrong, Luke; Alami, Adam; Hoesman, Koty (2017-12-06)
  • Kariuki, Lawren (2017-11-29)
    This project consist of calculations from two fast food restaurants.
  • Little, Andrew (2017-11-29)
  • Hall, Markila (2016-09-09)
    The first part of the assignment consisted of myself and four other girls working with each other to create a paper. It was a single spaced two page paper that talked about our backgrounds and why we choose a business ...
  • Noblitt, Shana; Armstrong, Luke; Blanchard, Robyn; Alami, Adam; Williams, DeAndre; Kramer, James; Hoesman, Koty (2017-10-18)
  • Chicago 7 
    Patterson, Morgan (2017-05-15)
    During the late 1960s, Americans were experiencing many struggles not only within our borders, but outside of them as well. Whether or not that be with citizens themselves and making their individuality more apparent, or ...
  • For Her 
    Vero, Collazo (2015-07-08)
    For Her was created with emotion, passion and artistic appropriation. With this appropriation I used a painting from one of my personal favorite artist, Leonid Afremov (Under the Red Umbrella). Leonid is a Russian-Israeli ...
  • Noblitt, Shana; Armstrong, Luke; Blanchard, Robyn; Hoesman, Koty; Kramer, James; Williams, DeAndre; Alami, Adam (2017-12-01)

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