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The Sustainable Cities (SC) Program is an experiential learning partnership focusing on sustainability and cities in Indiana. Disciplines across the institution are tasked with addressing sustainability issues in a specific community by integrating these into experiential projects for ISU students. These problems range from strategic planning recommendations to community needs assessment, and understanding the impacts of waste strategies to mapping trail systems, and many other issues.

This is a year-long partnership, in which students and faculty in courses collaborate with one specific community partner on these projects. Communities throughout Indiana have leaders who want to make real change. These leaders are passionate about moving their cities forward into the future, but are often limited by lack of resources, staff, and budget.

The SC Program utilizes the innovation and energy of students and faculty to provide ideas that will address these issues. This relationship reinforces and strengthens our Indiana communities. Each ISU course and community partner will produce tangible and relevant outcomes for the community partner while providing ISU students with real world project completion. These reports serve as this outcome.

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Recent Submissions

  • McCollister, Melissa (Indiana State University, 2020-12)
    Sullivan responded and continues to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. A community needs assessment was performed through the SOWK 382 course in partnership with United Way of the Wabash Valley. The needs assessment revealed ...
  • Wojak, Laurie (Indiana State University, 2020-12)
    The city of Sullivan, IN has a neighborhood revitalization plan and requires new housing that will attract new homeowners to Sullivan. The IAD251 course offers Interior Architecture Design sophomores and juniors the ...
  • Casile, Maureen (Indiana State University, 2020-12)
    The Sullivan County Tourism Commission set forth the objective to identify strategies for increasing tourism year-round in Sullivan County and Sullivan. The BUS 401 course students were placed in three groups and set to ...
  • Speer, Jim (Indiana State University, 2020-12)
    The City of Sullivan identified the downtown area as an area for improvement and needed a way to depict areas. In ENVI 610, one graduate student was able to address the agreed upon goals of developing a 3D model of the ...