Sycamore Scholars

Sycamore Scholars offers archiving and publishing assistance to ISU community

Electronic publishing has allowed us to think about scholarship in new and meaningful ways. The ways we create, share, and present knowledge have changed, permitting us to permanently archive materials and make them accessible to readers across the world.

Cunningham Memorial Library offers Sycamore Scholars, the ISU digital repository that collects, disseminates, and preserves the intellectual output of the ISU community. Sycamore Scholars aggregates electronic theses and dissertations (in partnership with the College of Graduate and Professional Studies), and other scholarly or creative works. This service provides free open access from a single location on the Web. Digitization services are provided for many types of original works, helping to organize, describe, and preserve these works for the future. Sycamore Scholars accepts a wide variety of formats such as text documents, PowerPoint files, media (video, audio, and graphics), specialized formats, HTML web pages and many more.

ISU faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to contribute items they have written or produced such as journal articles, student projects, educational materials, papers in progress, technical reports, art, and music.

For more information, contact Natalie Bulick, Cataloging and Metadata Librarian, at or 812-237-2611.