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Sycamore Scholars is a digital archive of scholarly works created by students, staff, and faculty at Indiana State University. Sycamore Scholars began as a means to enable ISU graduate students to submit their theses and dissertations electronically, but the repository can include journal articles, conference papers, technical reports, working papers, data sets, tutorials, music, photographs, and other digital items.

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  • test 
    test, test (2018-01-01)
  • Nur, Abdi H. (2017-12)
    The purpose of this mixed methods research study was to investigate whether the relationships between education and medication and healthy exercise adherence were the same among female and male Type 2 diabetic adult learners. ...
  • Center for Community Engagement (Indiana State University, 2017)
  • Hall, Markila (2016-09-09)
    The first part of the assignment consisted of myself and four other girls working with each other to create a paper. It was a single spaced two page paper that talked about our backgrounds and why we choose a business ...
  • May, Cinda; Krueger, Jason; Siddell, Kayla; Sutrina-Haney, Katie (2017-10-16)
    The Special Collections Department at Cunningham Memorial Library holds Indiana State University's unique physical and digital collections. Special Collections consists of four units: Rare Books & Manuscripts, University ...

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