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Dynamic Warm-Up Effect on 5-Km Performance and Running Economy in Collegiate Cross-Country Runners

Show simple item record Wunderlich, Adriane 2012-10-19T19:47:00Z 2015-10-06T11:55:51Z 2012-10-19T19:47:00Z 2015-10-06T11:55:51Z 2012-10-19T19:47:00Z
dc.description.abstract The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of a dynamic warm-up on running economy (RE) and 5-km performance compared to a control protocol in collegiate cross-country runners. Fifteen male cross-country runners underwent both a half-mile warm-up run at 65% VO2max followed by either a dynamic stretching protocol or a control protocol. After the protocols, subjects completed a 5-km performance for evaluation of RE and performance. Sit-and-reach scores were recorded both before and after each protocol. RE was measured as the total calories expended during each 5-km and performance time was recorded. There was no significant interaction for the sit-and-reach. After the dynamic warm-up the sit-and-reach did not significantly increase (29.10 ± 13.66 to 31.23 ±12.42cm; p>0.05) and did not significantly increase after the control protocol (29.08± 12.7 to 29.00± 13.46cm; p>0.05). Also, values post-dynamic drills were not significantly greater than those for the control protocol (p>0.05). Running economy was not statistically different across conditions (dynamic: 234 ± 26kcals; control: 239 ± 25kcals ;p>0.05). There was no significant difference found among 5-km performance time (dynamic: 18 minutes, 0 seconds ± 52.52; control: 18 minutes, 26 seconds ± 55.00 seconds; p>0.05). These findings suggest that dynamic stretching does not increase hamstring flexibility nor affect RE or performance in NCAA male distance runners.
dc.description.statementofresponsibility Adriane Wunderlich
dc.language.iso en_US
dc.subject.lcsh Cross-country running.
dc.subject.lcsh Exercise.
dc.subject.lcsh Physical fitness.
dc.subject.lcsh Muscle stiffness.
dc.subject.lcsh Joints--Range of motion.
dc.subject.other Endurance.
dc.subject.other Form drills.
dc.subject.other Flexibility.
dc.subject.other Energy cost.
dc.title Dynamic Warm-Up Effect on 5-Km Performance and Running Economy in Collegiate Cross-Country Runners
dc.type Thesis August 2012
dc.description.committeechair Kingsley, J.Derek
dc.description.committeemembers Yeargin, Susan W Degree Not Listed
dc.description.department Department of Physical Education
dc.description.imprint Cunningham Memorial Library, Terre Haute, Indiana State University.
dc.description.itemidetd 2012-04-02
dc.description.level Masters
dc.description.note Title from document title page. Document formatted into pages: contains 58p. : ill. Includes appendix..

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