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Attitudes of Northwest OHIO UAW Locals regarding Lifelong Learning, Use of Online Strategies, and Union-Led Learning

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dc.description.abstract United States workers are facing a workplace in which globalization, outsourcing, accelerating technology innovation, and changing demographics demands changes in the way they keep their job skills current. As a primary representative of workers‘ interests in the workplace, unions want their members to acquire and improve the skills, knowledge, and qualifications that enhance their employability and increase autonomy and self esteem. The problem was to identify the attitudes of two Northwest Ohio UAW locals regarding participation in lifelong learning, and utilization of online learning strategies within a union environment. The study was a quantitative descriptive study that utilized cross sectional survey research design. The data collection instrument for this study consisted of a 24-item survey that was posted online as a web survey and also distributed in hard copy format to two UAW locals in Ohio. The population included a wide range of workers who were diverse in terms of race, gender, levels of education and skills. A sample of n = 74 responded to questions designed to investigate attitudes of union members towards lifelong learning, union-led learning, and online learning. Independent variables were age and education level, and dependent variables consisted of responses to survey questions. A chi-square statistical test was performed to determine if there were any associations between responses and the independent variables. No statistical significance was found, but there was a positive response over the range of ages and education level demonstrating support for lifelong learning, union-led learning and online learning.
dc.description.statementofresponsibility David P. Heiser
dc.language.iso en_US
dc.subject.lcsh Distance education.
dc.subject.lcsh Technology--Management.
dc.subject.lcsh Adult learning.
dc.subject.other Lifelong learning.
dc.title Attitudes of Northwest OHIO UAW Locals regarding Lifelong Learning, Use of Online Strategies, and Union-Led Learning
dc.type Dissertation August 2010
dc.description.committeechair Hatch, Larry
dc.description.committeemembers Gary Benjamin
dc.description.committeemembers Bassou El Mansour
dc.description.committeemembers Donna Trautman
dc.description.committeemembers Ronald Woolsey Doctor of Philosophy
dc.description.department Department Not Listed
dc.description.imprint Cunningham Memorial library, Terre Haute,Indiana State University
dc.description.itemidetd GS201009
dc.description.level Doctoral
dc.description.note Title from document title page. Document formatted into pages: contains 157 p.: ill. Includes bibliography, abstract and appendix.

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