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Tasks And Responsibilities of a First-Line Supervisor in a Job Shop Manufacturing Environment in Northwest Wisconsin

Show simple item record Pederson, Leonard 2015-10-06T12:43:55Z 2015-10-06T12:43:55Z
dc.description.abstract The problem of this study was to identity the tasks and responsibilities of first-line supervisors in a job-shop manufacturing environment in the Northwest Wisconsin portion of the United States. The purpose of this study was to provide insight to the knowledge, skills, and abilities required of the first-line supervisors in a manufacturing environment. An understanding of these attributes would aid in the future selection of supervisory candidates, and it would assist corporate executives in the training and evaluation of personnel in supervisory positions. The methodology of this research study used a modified Delphi study process, in that it went from the literature review to the development of the tasks and responsibilities from the review of the prior research. The study was executed in four sequential phases, which at its conclusion provided a list of tasks and responsibilities. The first phase was a thorough literature review of work that had already been completed regarding managerial and supervisory tasks and responsibilities. The second phase was the pilot study and the enlistment of the panel members. The third phase was the actual Delphi process using the assembled panel, using the Internet and email to communicate. The fourth phase was the analysis and reporting of the results of the Delphi panel. The result was a list of 49 tasks. The panel estimated the time spent during their work week on each task, which accounted for 94.2% of their time. Using a Pareto concept of looking at the top 20% or top 10 items for guidance, seven of the top 10 are related to interpersonal communication and skills. These tasks only consumed 21% of their time, but constituted seven of the top 10 most important tasks as viewed by the panel.
dc.description.statementofresponsibility Leonard Pederson
dc.language.iso en_US
dc.subject.lcsh Manufacturing industries--Management.
dc.subject.lcsh Supervisors, Industrial.
dc.subject.other Job-Shop.
dc.subject.other Responsibilities.
dc.subject.other Tasks.
dc.title Tasks And Responsibilities of a First-Line Supervisor in a Job Shop Manufacturing Environment in Northwest Wisconsin
dc.type Dissertation May 2010
dc.description.committeechair Minty, Gordon
dc.description.committeemembers Anthony F. Gilberti
dc.description.committeemembers Edward R. Kinley
dc.description.committeemembers Marion D. Schafer
dc.description.committeemembers James E. Smallwood Doctor of Philosophy
dc.description.department Department of Technology Management
dc.description.imprint Cunningham Memorial library, Terre Haute,Indiana State University
dc.description.itemidetd GS071610-201001
dc.description.level Doctoral
dc.description.note Title from document title page. Document formatted into pages: contains 120 p.: Includes abstract and appendix.

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