Mission of the Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Criminology

The purpose of this journal is to create a conversation within the social sciences that may also include narratives that are often silenced or marginalized, given their failure to reflect essentialized assumptions about what the truth must be, and those methods which are deemed legitimate through this process.

Though we seek to situate this conversation within the context of criminology proper, we are not restricted to this one object of our discourse, and we clearly acknowledge and embrace the confluence of other disciplines within the social sciences. Included in this conversation is the desire to re-connect theory with practice, and to acknowledge that there is no theory without practice, and no practice without theory that is worthy of the name.

The discourses of criminology and offender treatment provide us the unique opportunity to bring together scholars across diverse disciplines that contextualize the field in unacknowledged ways. This journal provides a voice for scholars within those fields, and invites them to inform a broader dialogue about the relationship among these historically disparate disciplines.

Editorial Board

    Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Criminology

  • Editor-in-Chief, David Polizzi, Indiana State University
  • Book Rreview Editor, Dr. Jennifer Grimes, Indiana State University
  • Assistant Editor, Matthew Draper, Utah Valley State University

  • Chris Aanstoos, University of West Georgia
  • Annalise Acorn, University of Alberta
  • Ken Adams, University of Central Florida
  • obert Agnew, Emory University
  • Bruce Arrigo, University of North Carolina, Charlotte
  • Gregg Barak, University of Eastern Michigan
  • Shannon Barton, Indiana State University
  • Michelle Brown, Ohio University
  • Michael Braswell, University of Eastern Tennessee
  • Lynn Chancer, Hunter College
  • Kathleen Daly, Griffith University
  • Jeff Ferrell, Texas Christian University
  • John Fuller, University of West Georgia
  • Mark Grabau, Forensic Mental Health Association, California
  • Jennifer Grimes, Indiana State University
  • Mark Hamm, Indiana State University
  • George Higgins, University of Louisville
  • Jack Katz, UCLA
  • Terry Kupers, IGC
  • Ronnie Lippens, Keele University
  • Randy Martin, Indiana University of Pennsylvania.
  • Ljiljana Miksaj, University of Zagreb
  • George Palermo, University of Nevada Medical School, Medical College of Wisconsin
  • George Pavlich, University of Alberta
  • Sidipto Roy, Indiana State University
  • Phil Shon, Indiana State University
  • Michael Sipiora, Duquesne University
  • Richard Tewksbury, University of Louisville
  • Hans Toch, University of New York @ Albany
  • Fred Wertz, Fordham University
  • Jennifer Wesely, University North Florida
  • Jonathan Wender, University of Washington
  • Christopher Williams, University of West Georgia
  • George Yancy, Duquesne University