Submission Guidelines and Manuscript Review Process

Submission Guidelines

  1. All submissions must be in APA style and be no longer than 30-35 pages in length, including all reference material.
  2. All submissions must be double-spaced and in New Times Roman 12 point font.
  3. All articles accepted for final publication must satisfy all publication requirements and must by copy-ready to be uploaded to the journal website.
  4. The use of any visuals in the article must be compatible with the journal website for them to be included in the published article.

Manuscript Review Process

At JTPC we seek to make our process transparent. This process as outlined is aspirational, but the one we hope to follow as we review submitted manuscripts and make publication decisions. The Journal is published twice yearly, and will follow the process as outlined below. The deadline for Summer editions is April 15th and the deadline for submissions to the Winter editions will be October 15th.

  1. Receipt of manuscript. Staff will examine the manuscript to verify that submission guidelines were followed. If guidelines are not followed the manuscript will simply be returned to the author without a judgment being rendered. Any questions concerning the guidelines may be taken up with the editor.
  2. For manuscripts that meet submission guidelines, the staff will verify the manuscript is "blind" and will forward three copies of the manuscript electronically to two peer reviewers. The editor will serve as the third reviewer, and will have final say.
  3. Reviewers will be given 30 days to review the manuscript. If reviewers are unable to meet the deadline, the manuscript will be sent to another reviewer or reviewers with another 30 day deadline. If at that point, peer reviews have not reviewed the manuscript, the editor and editorial board will render a publishing decision.
  4. The author(s) of the manuscript will be contacted by the editor and informed of the journal's decision.

For more information or to submit your manuscript, contact David Polizzi, Ph. D., Editor-in-Chief