University Faculty Senate

Arts Endowment Committee

Cinda May, Chair

November 10th, 2010

Indiana State University
Faculty Senate 2010-11

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  • 1. Approval of Minutes from the September 8 UAEC Meeting, with an amendment that the Chairs of the grant recipients’ departments will be notified about the grant award from the UAEC.

  • 2. Motion to begin Executive Session, CM (chair), 2nd JW LH notes amended budget now is $20919.95 (with the current budget of $15,484.63 and an extra budget of $5,435.32). CM suggested a clarification of handbook statement on the requirements related to student representatives in the UAEC. In the recent past, the committee cannot recall if we have ever had a student representative join the committee meeting. In addition, as a member of Faculty Senate now serves as ex officio on the UAEC, the committee advised that the Handbook needs to be revised to include this change in the composition of the UAEC.

  • 3. Committee reviewed the guidelines and criteria for awards and appropriateness of projects.

  • 4. Committee discussed the two submitted proposals for the University Arts Endowment Grant:
    • #11-01: Jimmy Finnie
      The Committee agreed to table Dr. Jimmy Finnie’s proposal until the committee receives more details and specifics on his project.

    • #11-02: Chris Berchild The Committee voted on and approved full funding for Dr. Chris Berchild’s proposal. (vote, 5-0-0)
  • Meeting adjourned at 3:00pm

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