University Faculty Senate

Faculty Economic Benefits Committee (FEBC)

Nobel Corey, Chair

November 5th, 2010

Indiana State University
Faculty Senate 2010-11

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1. Approval of the minute from October 22, 2010

M. Affan Badar, J. Inlow (seconded), 5-0-0

2. Charges
  • Charges forwarded to Faculty Senate Executive Committee: 5 and 6b
  • Two subcomittees charged with working on charge 7 and 8, M. Affan Badar assigned to charge 8
  • Invite Candi Barton to speak to charge 1 and 4 on Friday, November 19, 2010
  • Need clarification about charge 2 from Senate Executive Committee
  • Charge M. Green with collecting data on salary (four quartiles)—charge 6a
  • Faculty Evaluation—Ed Kinley, Ruth Cain—December, 3, 2010

3. Discussion

Are individuals being cross-trained to assist and take over when the experts in the area of benefits retire?

Respectfully submitted,

Lisa Phillips

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