University Faculty Senate

Faculty Economic Benefits Committee (FEBC)

Nobel Corey, Chair

October 8th, 2010

Indiana State University
Faculty Senate 2010-11

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1.Senate Report—Kevin Bolinger, Senate Liaison

Clarification about staff compression policy—2.25 percent increase across the board and $100.00 a year up to 10 years of service ($1000.00 maximum).

Faculty Evaluation and Pay for Performance policy, although currently a single policy, will likely be separated into two policies before going to the full Senate.

2.Approval of the minute from September 24, 2010

N. Corey and T. Mulkey (seconded)

Minutes approved 5-0-0

3.Discussion over Pay for Performance Component of Policy

The following was discussed:

• The faculty evaluation component would/may eradicate most of the issues relating to faculty productivity.
• The faculty evaluation component would/may eradicate most of the concerns relating to the awarding of longevity raises
• Sometimes pay for performance may cause more harm than good (decrease in morale of the department, increase in departmental friction)
• If every member in the department is “exceptional” as compared to the rest of the faculty in their College, how does a department select but one member?
• Might it not be better to propose a system of pay for performance that rewards departments instead of individuals?
• Faculty may not be aware of the faculty evaluation and pay for performance policy which is before the Executive Committee and will be voted on by the full Senate at its upcoming meeting.
• Forums should be held to give faculty members to discuss the issue of pay for performance
• At a future FEBC meeting, new FEBC members should be provided with an overview of the work of the committee from the year before, as well as an explanation of the rationale for policies forwarded to the Executive Committee and Faculty Senate.

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