University Faculty Senate

Faculty Economic Benefits Committee (FEBC)

Nobel Corey, Chair

September 24th, 2010

Indiana State University
Faculty Senate 2010-11

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1.Call to Order:

N. Corey called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM.


agenda was adopted by consensus.

3.Discussion with Provost Jack Maynard:

Provost Maynard explained how CIP codes were assigned to all ISU faculty, using CIP codes of faculty at three peer institutions to inform the assignments. These CIP assignments were reviewed by the Deans. President Bradley had charged the Provost with making sure each ISU salary was at least 80% of the median salary for same CIP code at these peer institutions. Adjustments were then made for any salaries that fell below the 80% of median cutoff. During the discussion, N. Corey raised the concern that these adjustments might bring an Associate Professor’s salary above that of a Full Professor in the same department in some instances. Provost Maynard explained that in any cases like this the Full Professor’s salary would be adjusted to remedy the situation. Provost Maynard stated that although the adjustments that have been made are not perfect, the new compensation system will be fairer than the previous system. K. Bolinger expressed concerns about salary compression created by the new compensation system and suggested that years of service be included in the formula when calculating new salaries. Provost Maynard acknowledged that the new system does not fix all the problems, but he believes that it will be fairer in the long term. He also explained that Deans will be given $75K to deal with special cases that they deem to be significant, and his office is working on a performance-based model as a tool for future consideration. A. M. Badar expressed concern about newly hired faculty, specifically temporary faculty, who are hired at high salaries due to the current market in a given field. Provost Maynard explained that Deans and Chairpersons make decisions about salaries necessary to secure temporary faculty. He reiterated that it is his belief that if the new salary model is consistently applied over time, the situation at ISU will be better.

4. Approval of Minutes from April 29, 2010:

The minutes from the April 29, 2010 meeting were approved by a vote of 2-0-5.

5. Faculty Senate Executive Committee Report, K. Bolinger:

K. Bolinger requested that FEBC make a recommendation today on the “Guidelines for Faculty Salary Model.” M. A. Badar moved to endorse the “Guidelines” with the addition of a $1000 bonus for Associate Professors and a $2000 bonus for Full Professors, and R. McGivern seconded the motion. Motion passed 6-0-0.

6. New Business:

There was no time to discuss new business (FEBC charges for 2010-11 and health benefit concerns of ISU staff members).

7. Adjournment

Motion to adjourn by L. Phillips, second by M. A. Badar. The meeting was adjourned at 10:05 AM.

Submitted by Jennifer Inlow, for Secretary Linda Maule.

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