Recent Submissions

  • The Value of Graphic Novels: Furthering the Cause of Information Literacy

    Blevens, Cheryl L.; Muyumba, Valentine K. (ERIC, 2015-11-06)
    Graphic novels have come a long way since being regarded as comic books unworthy of use beyond being a quick read by young people. A literature review of the use of graphic novels reveals that the use of graphic novels has moved far beyond appealing to the visual learner. In addition to serving the recreational reading needs of children and adults, today’s educators are using them to support reading comprehension and enhance the learning process of English-language learners. They are also used to assist visual learners and to entice reluctant readers and struggling students. Beyond building literacy into the students’ education, they support development of the multimodal skills needed for future success in the 21st Century workplace. The authors highlight the multiple ways that graphic novels are currently being used in and out of the classroom for adults and students alike.
  • The Hine Bibliography of Resources on Servant Leadership

    Muyumba, Valentine; Hine, Betsy N. (2015-09)