• The Past, Present and Future of the English Language: How Has the English Language Changed and What Effects Are Going to Come as a Result of Texting?

      Tuttle, E. Carlene
      This paper outlines a brief historical synopsis of both language in general and the English language to set up a common knowledge baseline for the reader to understand references made regarding historical events. Next, the paper goes through common practices seen today within the realm of text messages, textisms, text speak, and the lingo used within these practices. Common practices within the technology based language and standardized English are analyzed to compare and contrast the two forms and to help answer the question of whether or not technology is harming the English language and its practices. Findings provide evidence that there are indeed similarities between the two forms and that there is a strong relation between informal spoken language and text speak. The final portion of the paper is devoted to the future of the language and how the language is developing. Interestingly enough, many of the practices used within text speak currently are very similar to that of ancient practices. There is also a look into academia along with looking at if and how the use of technology and the lingo that comes with it is affecting students and their literacy abilities. Results were varied and researchers found a hard time coming to a consensus but there were significant negative correlations along with positive correlations.