• Transitioning Towards Inclusion: The Quest for Equality at the Collegiate Level

      Patterson, Kade Joseph Lee
      The research inquires into the reception that members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community receive in general, especially transgender people in particular. Different scholars and researchers have pointed out that the states have not legislated adequately or have entirely failed to legislate protection for the rights of transgender people. Other scholars have equally pointed out that there is segregation and discrimination against transgender people at the collegiate level. The research reviews the findings of various scholars who have conducted surveys on the topic. The next standard of the research is a practical investigation done on various respondents to verify the veracity in the previous findings. The general result and outcome of the investigation points towards the same direction as those other researchers have previously. The results are that there is a public hatred and vast discrimination against the transgender population. The survey concludes by providing some recommendations that will eradicate discrimination against people who identify as transgender. Some of the recommendations provided include a departure from focusing on identity towards putting an emphasis on equality and proper monitoring mechanisms that will ensure the laws protecting transgender people are performed verbatim seriatim.