• The Role of Mentoring Programs

      Haack, Ashley
      The prevention of delinquency and rehabilitation of delinquent youth has been discussed, researched, and attempted over and over again, yet more and more youth seem to be entering the justice system or returning to it. This study aims to look at prevention and rehabilitation using a different lens, the lens of social connection. In my research, I have found that positive social connection is not only helpful in the development of individuals, but is also a crucial part of one’s identity and one’s future. In order to not only hypothesize, but also to apply these findings, I also researched mentoring programs and the impact they can have on the prevention of and rehabilitation from delinquency when quality relationships are built. I found that mentoring programs may be a beneficial starting place and have improved academic performance and self-confidence and moderately reduced deviant behavior such as drug use and crime. However, research also indicates that mentoring programs are only slightly helpful overall, and that changes and improvements may need to happen in order for mentoring programs to have a stronger, more lasting impact.