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    Patterson, Morgan (2017-05-15)
    During the late 1960s, Americans were experiencing many struggles not only within our borders, but outside of them as well. Whether or not that be with citizens themselves and making their individuality more apparent, or the way the American people were thinking and dealing with situations. With the ever changing society, the government must also change. However, with new rules being put into play and new laws being enforced, the people began to rebel on the government. During this time in our history, two major events were taking place and this sparked a lot of involvement from the people of our country. The Vietnam War and the 1968 Democratic Convention were both held during this time, and both caused an abundance of controversy. Some of the American people thought we should get involved in other country affairs and other people were strongly against it. Because of the how strongly both sides felt, this created a divi within the United States. These two events were extremely significant, but there were multiple smaller events that aided the tension within the country.