A 2011 study conducted by a subcommittee of the Indiana State University (ISU) Strategic Plan Affordability Taskforce led to the creation of the Textbook Affordability Program at ISU. The initiative focuses on student success through college cost savings. Faculty are awarded a stipend of $3,000 for successful participation in the program, and for replacing expensive textbooks with OER (open educational resources) in a select course. Participation in the program is competitive. Once accepted into the program, participants enroll in a self-paced Blackboard course to learn of OER, online pedagogy, and copyright essentials. As faculty progress through the program, they meet 2-3 times with an OER Team made up of a librarian and an instructional designer. Total student savings since 2011 is over $3,000,000. Since 2019, faculty have been encouraged to provide details of their relevant course to the Cunningham Memorial Library to be archived in the University’s institutional repository, Sycamore Scholars.

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