• Generation of 3D Model of Downtown Sullivan

      Speer, Jim (Indiana State University, 2020-12)
      The City of Sullivan identified the downtown area as an area for improvement and needed a way to depict areas. In ENVI 610, one graduate student was able to address the agreed upon goals of developing a 3D model of the downtown square. Some recommendations for future use of the 3D model were made for land-use planning, drainage systems, elevation, and more.
    • Housing Designs for Sullivan, IN

      Wojak, Laurie (Indiana State University, 2020-12)
      The city of Sullivan, IN has a neighborhood revitalization plan and requires new housing that will attract new homeowners to Sullivan. The IAD251 course offers Interior Architecture Design sophomores and juniors the opportunity to design their own unique home, so they were tasked with developing concepts and floor plans for Sullivan’s empty lots. The course developed ten housing designs, and six are represented in this report.
    • Mitigating Urban Heat Island Effect at Southern City Park

      Speer, Jim (Indiana State University, 2021-08)
      The City of Sullivan indicated the southern City Park as an area of interest for redevelopment as a neighborhood area and for sustainable features. There are existing structures and habitats that they are looking to bolster. Students in ENVI 460 identified multiple components of the city park that could be updated and upgraded to provide more sustainable infrastructure and community focus. They recommended permeable pavers in two locations in the park area, green roofing on some existing structures, and adding native habitats to the overall area.
    • Pollination Habitat and Flower Plating for City Beautification

      Speer, Jim (Indiana State University, 2021-08)
      The City of Sullivan identified needs to improve sustainable infrastructure and green space in Sullivan, IN through their Quality of Life plan. Students in ENVI460 were tasked with providing recommendations for their daily operations and site plans that could improve habitats and attractiveness for the community and tourists. Students provided recommendations for native habitat planting and community involvement/education. They also provided site recommendations for community garden and green space updates.
    • Sullivan County Board of Tourism Strategic Recommendations

      Casile, Maureen (Indiana State University, 2020-12)
      The Sullivan County Tourism Commission set forth the objective to identify strategies for increasing tourism year-round in Sullivan County and Sullivan. The BUS 401 course students were placed in three groups and set to provide end deliverables of these strategies. The demographics of the population underscored some important populations to target with identified strategies of surveying and a punch card system.
    • Sullivan County COVID-19 Needs Assessment

      McCollister, Melissa (Indiana State University, 2020-12)
      Sullivan responded and continues to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. A community needs assessment was performed through the SOWK 382 course in partnership with United Way of the Wabash Valley. The needs assessment revealed how the community has responded in relation to mental health and addiction, food, schooling, and stability. The assessment reveals how Sullivan should respond to further help the community members during this pandemic.
    • Sullivan County Economy Improvements with Tourism

      Babb, Katrina (Indiana State University, 2021-08)
      Sullivan County and Sullivan, IN identified a need to increase tourism to the county and incorporated city limits. Seven students in ECON351 were tasked with performing SWOT analyses of Sullivan County’s tourism industry and providing recommendations to improve tourism. Three dimensions of tourism were analyzed: Eco-Tourism, Entertainment, and Historical/Heritage. Recommendations for improving tourism centered on these three dimensions and included expanding trails and facilities, improving social media accounts, preservation and educational opportunities, billboard usage, and more.
    • Sullivan Sustainable Housing Unit

      Rostom, Riem (Indiana State University, 2021-08)
      Students in ENGR401 were tasked with providing recommendations for an energy efficient heating and cooling system for a housing design provided by IAD251. Students performed necessary calculations and compared information with sustainability factors. There are also further recommendations for building sustainable housing.
    • Sullivan Trail Connector

      Speer, Jim (Indiana State University, 2021-08)
      The City of Sullivan has multiple plans for trail connectors throughout the city. ENVI460 students provided recommendations for a trail connector between the City of Sullivan and Sullivan County. This trail connector harnesses positives of both the city and county to increase use. Students also provided recommendations for multi-use options on the trail system.