<p>The Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Criminology (JTPC) is an e-journal affiliated with the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Indiana State University. This bi-annual, peer-reviewed publication is scheduled to release its first Issue, commencing Winter 2009. JTPC examines all facets of law, crime, punishment, justice – from the interpersonal to the institutional, from the communal to the global. The Journal especially welcomes the submission of unsolicited manuscripts that incorporate the theoretical and/or methodological contributions of existential-phenomenology; social constructionist; GLBT theory; postmodernism, deconstructionism, and semiotics; critical feminist and/or race-based analyses; anarchism; peacemaking and restorative justice, and all others perspectives that seek to specify the philosophical and cultural foundations of criminology and criminological practice/policy. </p> <p>Please view the hosted journal <a href="http://scholars.indstate.edu/JTPC/ISU/Index.htm">website</a> (in ISU web template)<br /> or <br />Please view the hosted journal <a href="http://jtpcrim.org/archives.htm">website</a> (not in ISU web template)</a> <br>or<br>Please view the archived<a href="http://scholars.indstate.edu/html/10484/5309/Index.htm"> website</a> at Sycamore Scholars</p> <p>The journal content is available from the journal website <br>or<br>The journal content is available from the following collections</p>

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