• Using Fuzzy Logic With Radio Frequency Identification To develop A Theoretical Model For Model For Monitoring Package Placement

      Sarikonda, Shruthi Reddy
      Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the United States face problems of supply chain management and inventory control. Warehouse management is one of the biggest problems faced by pharmaceutical companies. Pharmaceutical companies maintain warehouses based on customer demands. Using several warehouse management systems in order to satisfy customized requirements of customers is an expensive process. Pharmaceutical companies seek for warehouse management solutions that support dynamic user defined configurations with variations in warehouse procedures including label printing, picking and sending the materials for processing and several others. Dealing with inventory control problems accounts for the largest cost component for the pharmaceutical industry. The challenge is to cut down these costs and simultaneously provide better management solutions. This thesis deals with the theoretical design of a fuzzy logic model interfaced with a radio frequency identification system that monitors drug placements in a pharmaceutical company’s warehouse. Fuzzy logic is the key interface that deals with the waste of pharmaceutical products while supplying to the customers.