• Identification of Influential Promotion Decision Determinants for Advancement to First-Level Manufacturing Supervisor

      Serkownek, Sandra
      Promotion is an important element in today’s work environment from the perspective of employees, managers, and human resource development professionals. This study advanced the understanding of promotion by identifying and describing the critical determinants, as perceived by the decision-makers, leading to the advancement of employees to first-level manufacturing supervisor positions. The study utilized two data acquisition phases. Phase one of the study’s data acquisition component utilized semi-structured interviews with highly experienced managers in the manufacturing supervisor promotion process. Phase two employed an online survey. The purpose of the latter was to acquire expert testimony that would accurately delineate determinants critical to the decision-making process. The survey required these managers to (a) rate the list of determinants using a Likert scale and (b) compare each determinant to its complements in each Likert scale category and rate on a scale of 0 to 100% its influence on the promotion decision. Utilizing the median ranking for each determinant, the most influential determinants were found to be (1) demonstrates character, integrity, and trustworthiness; (2) accomplishes tasks, productive, energetic; (3) appropriate attitude toward peers, subordinates, and superiors - team player, works well with others; (4) good people management skills, uses authority wisely, builds relationships and cares about individuals; and (5) seeks assistance when needed - recognizes issues that must be handled, especially those that should include other management personnel. A Bayesian analysis revealed these determinants accounted for approximately 82% of the positive promotion decision-making.