• African-American Alumni Perceptions and Motivations Toward Philanthropic Giving (A Case Study of an African-American Alumni Council at A Midwestern University)

      Wallace, Camille R.
      This thesis is a qualitative case study of African-American philanthropic motivations and fundraising strategies employed to increase African-American alumni giving at a predominantly white institution, Midwestern University. The lack of research and lack of understanding of African-American alumni motivations and perceptions of philanthropic giving is the problem for this case study. It is the goal of the researcher that the findings and recommendations of this research be considered in the development of the University’s race specific fundraising strategies. The study included seven personal interviews of the Indiana State University African-American Alumni Board of Directors. Exhaustive field notes were analyzed thematically. Additionally, ex post facto regarding the AAAC Board of Directors was analyzed. Through triangulation, the researcher analyzed the data for commonalities. Commonalities found in the interviews, artifacts, and observations have been reported. This study expands our understanding in general and will assist leadership in expanding philanthropic activity and giving. Engaging and developing fundraising strategies for the untapped resource of the African-American alumni is important, yet the importance and feelings of inclusion to African-American alumni is the theme that emerged above others. The researcher found the African-American alumni are motivated to give to their alma mater based on the positive memories and relationships that were formed during their college experience. The expectation is that their financial support to the University will support the African-American students and staff of the University. As this Midwestern University has made progress, in the creation of the African-American Alumni Council, the researcher found that, the call for authenticity, transparency, and relevancy is essential to the council’s success.