• Superintendent perceptions of the success and failure of school construction referendums from 2008-2010 in the state of Indiana

      Lambert, Walter Albert
      The purpose of this study was to analyze the perceptions of superintendents who have conducted both successful and unsuccessful school construction referendums in the state of Indiana from 2008 - 2010. This research will serve as a guide for superintendents who will undergo a school construction referendum , especially in Indiana . This study will guide superintendents to conduct the s chool construction referendum in a proscribed manner to increase the chances of having a successful outcome. The study used qualitative information from four superintendents who were successful with their school construction referendums and from four super intendents who were not successful with their school construction referendums. Common themes were found with this information and compiled to channel best practices for conducting a school construction referendum. The literature points to numerous items th at should be done in order to increase the chance of being successful with the referendum. The findings of this study suggest that superintendents need to have a clear communication plan, a strong community committee, and a long range facility plan in orde r to be successful. The findings of this study continue to suggest that election strategies must be followed in order to be successful and an in depth knowledge of the community is needed to determine supporters and opposition to the referendum