• Atalanta: The Exception to Social Normality Presented in the Ancient World

      Brink, Sean C (1847-02-15)
      This thesis is an analysis of two ancient authors: the Greek Apollodorus, and the Latin Ovid, and how they both handle the ancient views of societal gender roles. The two authors write more than one hundred years apart (the 2nd century BCE and the mid-1st century BCE - early 1st century CE respectively), yet the two of them write unique accounts of the myth of Ata-lanta. Atalanta is a heroine of Greek and Roman mythology, and is one of the few examples of strong women that survive to the present day. However, Apollodorus and Ovid portray a very different view of Atalanta (within The Library and The Metamorphoses respectively), and both of them reveal some interesting possibilities of how Atalanta may have been viewed by both an-cient men and women of Greece and Rome.