• The Physiological Effects and Projected Outcomes of Urbanization and Pollution on Reptiles

      Lockman, Dale Rodney
      Research regarding urbanization and its relationship with population fluctuations and physiological responses in animals has been assessed through a multitude of studies involving stress hormone changes, white blood cell counts and other physical and behavioral changes. The scope of this paper emphasizes the explanation of urbanization, the physiological and anatomical impact it has made on reptiles, and the projected outcomes urbanization will have in the future. Some questions are brought up in this paper to serve as a basic overview of what will be learned about urbanization and pollution. In order to provide background information, my research has been conducted and many studies were summarized. Even though there have been studies done that provide an overview for this topic, there should be future research conducted to determine exact ways urbanization can be limited to help protect the class of reptiles, along with all living organisms, from the harmful effects of urbanization and pollution.