• The Men and Women Merely Players: Can Dramatherapy Can Help Those Who Need It Most?

      Underwood, Olivia
      Within the following work, we will discover the history, applications, and effectiveness of Dramatherapy, also called drama therapy. By looking at the origins of the ideas of both Psychodrama and Dramatherapy, we can see how far it has come and where it still needs to go. This information came from texts books, memoirs, and various articles. After that we will find how the efforts of Dramatherapists have paid off. By looking at specific case studies from the Americas and abroad, we can see the positive effects that using the traditions of theater as therapy. Across the board we see positive responses from patients suffering from ailments that include depression, terminal illness, stress, alienation, schizophrenia, and neurotrama. We will also see how the research techniques used in the field has an effect on the type of data produced and how that must change. The cases here found provide a brief look at the techniques used and how they affect the patients or subjects. Findings indicate that although Dramatherapy is effective, more data is need for the expansion of the field into more mainstream forms of therapy.