• WHERE THE OLD MEETS THE NEW: What Does the Next Generation Really Expect From Librarians?

      Blevens, Cheryl L.; Muyumba, Valentine K. (ERIC, 2017-11-03)
      The paradigm of librarians who continue to follow the “traditional” behavior of sitting behind a Reference Desk expecting students to come to them, is shifting. A literature search reveals a variety of ways librarians are embracing “new” ways to connect with students. They are going where the students hang out: in the classroom, in residence halls, food courts, and student lounges. The reader of this paper is given a brief overview of literature searches that were conducted by the writers but the primary focus of the paper is on the library’s program of “Librarians in The Residence Halls (“LRH”),” where librarians set up weekly, lunch time “Help” desks outside Residence Hall Dining Rooms. The program presenter will share conclusions that were drawn by the librarians as they evaluated the conclusion of the program, “What was good, what was challenging, and what could have been done better?”